Modern Union

A nationwide therapist Coop

We're a group of therapists and mental health stakeholders who believe big business shouldn't own our mental health.

Therapists should.

So we built this.

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We are losing by fighting alone.

In 2021 over $1.5 billion was invested into the mental health industry. The money created companies worth more than $50 billion combined.

These companies need therapists to function. They're literally built on the back of therapists' hard work.

But the therapists don't get any of that $50 billion. They just get paid for a session and big business walks away with the billions.

That's not right.

This has happened before. Medical Doctors used to be independent, now 70% work for big companies and hospitals owned by big business.

We will not let that happen here.


By working together.

That's the short answer.

As a single provider or even a group practice, we are easily outnumbered and overpowered.

But if we stand together and join forces, then we are a force to be reckoned with.

That's how we will win.

By working together.

That's the real answer.


Whatever you and your practice need.

Whether you're just getting started and need everything or are an established practice that wants to improve one area, our goal is to help providers like you compete and win against the big business taking over our industry.

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We almost forgot to mention our most important difference.

You own the company.

We are a cooperative owned by our members.

That means you get the billions in value that you create.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there monthly dues?
A: No! No monthly dues or fees.

Q: Who owns it?
A: The therapists who participate.

Q: Can I help if I'm not a therapist?
A: Yes, definitely! We are looking for partners to help make this vision a reality and clients for member therapists. If in doubt, reach out!

Q: How do I learn more?
A: Sign up via the form on the right?

Thank you

We'll be in touch shortly to answer your questions and see how we can work together to win.

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